Nanofusion Laboratory

Welcome to Sachan Research Group

Mission Statement

Research at Nanofusion Laboratory is focused on developing a detailed atomic-scale understanding of materials structure and addressing the challenges in rationally designing advanced multielement functional materials.

Our research interests compass the fusion of the multiple elements into metallic and complex oxide nanostructures for optical, electrical and energy applications. We employ energetic ion-irradiation and pulsed laser ablation approaches to create new nanostructures and use aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) towards establishing quantitative process-structure-property correlations. We are currently interested in exploring the nanoscale instability-, defects- and strain-driven phenomena in complex oxides, 2D materials and high entropy alloys leading to new or improved functionalities.

Presently, we are actively working on designing new high-entropy alloy nanoparticles utilizing non-equilibrium heating/solidification effects of nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation on ultrathin film. We are also working on defect-engineering 2D materials via laser synthesis route. We always look for talented graduate researchers and collaborators interested in pursuing research in this direction. If interested, please contact the principal investigator, Ritesh Sachan (rsachan[at]okstate[dot]edu).  



Latest News


Ritesh organized the symposium on “Advances and Discoveries in Non-equilibrium Driven Nanomaterials and Thin Films” at TMS Annual Meeting 2022 in Anheim, California.


Ashish Gupta presented a poster presentation at TMS Annual Meeting 2022 in Anheim, California.


Soumya Mandal presented an oral talk at TMS Annual Meeting 2022 in Anheim, California.


We had 4 publications in 2021.

1. Soumya Mandal, Ashish Kumar Gupta, Braxton Hays Beaver, Jagdish Narayan, Ritesh Sachan, “Atomic-scale insights on large-misfit heterointerfaces in LSMO/MgO/c-Al2O3”, Crystals, 11(12), 1493 (2021).

2. Parand R. Riley, Pratik Joshi, Sina Azizi Machekposhti, Ritesh Sachan, Jagdish Narayan, Roger J. Narayan, “Enhanced Vapor Transmission Barrier Properties via Silicon-Incorporated Diamond-Like Carbon Coating”, Polymers, 13, 20, 3543 (2021).

3. Eric O'Quinn, Cameron Tracy, William Cureton, Ritesh Sachan, Joerg Neuefeind, Christina Trautmann, Maik Lang, “Multi-scale Investigation of Heterogeneous Swift Heavy Ion Tracks in Stannate Pyrochlore”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 31, 16982 (2021).

4. Krishna Prasad Koirala, Aniruddha Deb, Sara Bey, Tatiana Allen, Ritesh Sachan, Venkatanarayana Prasad Sandireddy, Chenze Liu, Gerd Duscher, James Penner-Hahn, and Ramki Kalyanaraman, “Synthesis and characterization of amorphous Fe2.75Dy-oxide thin films demonstrating room-temperature semiconductor, magnetism, and optical transparency”, Journal of Applied Physics 129 (3), 035701 (2021).


Soumya’s work published in Crystals, entitled “Atomic-scale insights on large-misfit heterointerfaces in LSMO/MgO/c-Al2O3”.


Ashish’s work published in the Journal of Materials, entitled “Laser irradiation induced atomic-structure modifications in strontium titanate”.



Nanofusion Laboratory is affiliated with the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Oklahoma State University.